The creation of OsiriX Foundation followed several years of unprecedented research and development of an Open Source solution for medical imaging.

OsiriX project started in 2004 in California, USA.

The team returned to Geneva and pursued the development of the OsiriX platform for advanced image processing competing with high-end commercial systems. The international success and wide adoption of this new Open Source platform has lead to new paradigm of software development in the medical community with a trend toward sharing and cooperation in the development of medical software applications.

Driven by their success, the OsiriX team elected to create a Foundation to support and promote the development of Open Source software in medicine.

The Hip Arthroplasty Templating Plugin has been designed for orthopedic surgeons. It allows the user to perform a filmless on-screen planification based upon an AP pelvis radiographic projection before the implantation of a hip athroplasty. The plugin, in its actual version, integrates templates for Medacta® hip arthroplasty implants.

Download the plugin here.

The OsiriX Foundation is launching the OsiriX Plugin Awards.

More informations available here.

  • OsiriX Foundation will promote research and development and distribution of software tools for scientific and medical applications.
  • OsiriX Foundation will host and help promote research projects in Open Source software development for medical applications.
  • OsiriX Foundation will establish training and education programs in medical imaging informatics.